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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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just a showdown with last year's runner up but is in case there's a cory battle through a five set thriller against a former champion mare in chile which the number twenty one seed now faces two time when a joke which will beat australia john berman. i'll have more at the top of the hour else besides your business update in just a bit this is. a. life . long. full of energy. europe's best rock and pop musicians even captivating performances. at. the european concert hall and d.-w. . every journey begins with the first step and every
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language with the first word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german and why not live with him simple online on your mobile and free something from the w z e learning course nikos free german meetings seem. to be. out of work in india hundreds of thousands of people are laid off they say they are the victim of a tax all meant to make the economy more efficient but it will cost. does the german economies boom coming to an end factory orders unexpectedly drop amid trade fairs and three leading four cos as one of the tougher years ahead. this is due to a new business on god help us welcome running a small business is never easy and paying taxes is
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a part of the us in india small businesses are having an especially hard time right now and many blame the new goods and services tax launch just over a year ago to replace more than a dozen federal and state levees. and unify this sprawling economy the result higher costs less cash on job cuts not good news for a government facing general elections next year. this tiny weaving factory is one of the few still humming on a once busy road in the northern indian city of pioneer part known as the country's textile city. but even this is operating way below capacity. you're in the domestic market they were about one hundred seventy five thousand workers in the handloom industry today only about seventy thousand remain almost all had to change jobs some workers day laborers some drive auto rickshaws and some got into crime. he's lost three quarters of his monthly sales since the
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introduction of the new tax he says many small operators weren't able to do the online paperwork and couldn't afford accountants billions of rupees of tax credits are still owed to small businesses mainly because of software glitches that's affected jobs. i did then said yes our troubles began from the day the g.s.t. was launched some days we get work and other days we don't get any when the g.s.t. was launched for the first few months we had no work at all and we had to sell our land to feed ourselves. our. those at the beginning of town tell a different story the goods and services tax replaced several federal and local taxes and removed tariff barriers between india states greasing the wheels for large nationwide businesses. overall i think overall the manufacturing industry is fine and after the introduction of g.s.t.
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the industry has received a boost and we hope that the government will reduce the higher tax groups to more reasonable tax rates then industry will grow further. but for the two hundred thirty thousand small businesses that shut down due to compliance and cash flow problems a future tax rate reduction may be too little too late. germany's leading economic research institute say the country can look forward to steady growth but only for the next two years in the autumn forecast out today they predict an uptick in domestic demand that will sustain stable growth of up to two percent through to at least twenty twenty after that they are more pessimistic for now growth will be sustained by factors like an expected sixty billion euro government budget so this . let's bring in only boss from frankfurt so is there not going to be no growth off the twenty twenty how bad are these figures really what's the markets. i think
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they're realistic fear here is i don't think that's something to depress the market or change the outlook here at all and people know it's very very hard to look even successfully in dependably and accurately into the next half year let alone into a period two years from now but there are a number of factors that can serve to dampen the outlook one is inflation it's picking up in the eurozone and it's certainly picking up in the united states and in many many a burgeoning countries it's very a lot of problem the dollar is getting stronger and you also have the fact that right here in germany they're practically natural limits to further growth in the something radical happens which i can't imagine namely we're missing hundreds of thousands of qualified workers here in this country and that's a true damper on growth potential though the focus is also mentioned the sixty billion budget surplus but the german government is famously stingy isn't it.
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saving for a rainy day if you will but sixty billion is more than you can spend on any one rainy day i think at some point the government will have to find projects there are enough out there schools here need bad work road roads and bridges need work and the digital infrastructure needs a lot of work and. lots of places to spend money the political decision making process has to speed up a little yes you can say that only in frankfurt thank you very much. germany britain and italy once were proud to ship building nations but these days shipyards and asia have taken over most of that business although until recently asian ship makers were mainly building the steel halls and interiors of the ships the system to operate them engines navigation equipment and so forth were still produced in europe and with it most of the added value went to europe too but that is said to change. the s.k.
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marine company in numbers makes a range of ships from. oil separators and driveshaft components to high tech seals the technical guts of a ship. scales mean it is asia where the mammoth shipyards of china and india together build seventy five percent of the world's new ships. worldwide ship orders are declining. in future thoughts that's led to a wave of consolidation in asian shipyards if you go by there's less to build things so they're lowering their prices so the prices for new ships and of course they pass those price pressures on to suppliers so obviously we're feeling that here as well unit with. another problem is that asian companies are catching up and want to make more high tech products themselves. they're now making inroads into markets which are once the exclusive domain of german manufacturers like the high
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tech cruise ship market. we're going to be happy having a big yard stick built big ships effect to nowadays they've noticed that eighty to ninety percent of the ship's value comes from the suppliers and now they're trying to develop their own industry and use industry to intriguing. digital products of the way suppliers like s.k.f. marine intend to stay ahead of the competition even if they do still want to keep turning out time on a product like the seals. now let's bring in linda hong in singapore linda we heard that in the report that worldwide ship orders i decline in why's that. well there many are factors to this i want this is the most current one which is the global trade war about remember that early on before that the ship of this was just emerging from a very bad time quite a while ago in twenty fourteen twenty fifteen if you remember you see the
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genetically going bankrupt so this is a see some of this trade war couple with a trade war this would actually make a ship owners more cautious about what will happen especially with the uncertainty that we're seeing so far but how is this decline affecting asian manufacturers right now. well some of them occasionally been still struggling because we've actually seen you know profits just starting to go up in germany and then now with what is happening worldwide especially with u.s. and china there's actually been quite a loss and so the t. and we're seeing a chinese to chinese companies this is a very strong word that china's state building ship building called and ship china ship building industry cooperation could be much and this has been going on for a very long time and this will actually rival korea in its korean bigger rivals hard well except consolidating what else can they do. well you know they could actually go green china has actually been putting
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a lawful goes on l.n.g. power to ships as well as robotics a lot of the parts within the ships and people have actually died when they're diving into dangerous areas so these are some of the things that they're actually looking at and developing so so these are the new focus going forward especially for ships. in the singapore thank you very much. and we look into cuba now after years of u.s. trade sanctions on an inefficient economy people have luntz and live with very limited resources the response to what humans probably refer to as inventor substituting everyday items for things that are in short supply demonstrating for example that sometimes a little piece of rubber can go a long way. you don't have to look far in just about any aspect of cuban life to find something like this a condom doubling at this rally as a balloon. condoms are so cheap and plentiful in cuba that they end up in the most
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unusual of places fishermen use them as barbers to float their hooks in the sea and every mechanic knows that a condom makes a terrific plug for a flat tire. the problem with all this repurchasing say health workers is that many people are liable to downplay the fact that condoms were actually invented for something completely different. from what they see the condom as a tool to use for other things that they really weren't made for like fishing and all those other things this is it for fishing it's used to protect your life and the lives of other people and about a little bit heads. up us all. cubans are natural born inventors it seems so it's no surprise that the strong stretching characteristics of the condom make it far more useful than its original brief of contraception and disease prevention. here or hobbyist has discovered the rubber has an excellent application in home
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winemaking he just covers a bottle of grape juice with a fresh condom and when the fermentation process is complete gas trapped in the balloon collapses signaling it's time for a drink. she win why that's it for me of the business team here and i'll have an update for you of course and then they. style in the meantime to check out our twitter and facebook pages where you go here's a real time check all global markets at this hour thank you very much for watching your business by. touch.
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more. they say seeing is believing. but what do you see. and twenty you think you know now. can you really trust your. next edition in muni is designed to come down. here oh my next.
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goal. to maintain sixty now trying to go around the world thanks to the. young people held against their parents generation. it was an honestly just too full of stupidity inclusion in the series they demanded nothing less than a home societal wanted maelstrom of conflict young violence with the vietnam war playing that role of my generation watch the war every day live our documentary takes a lot of times how do those military members of the new firm for the first time had a feeling of being part of something the. limitations of those events today.
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consumes the most civil rights the peace movement to lose movement for hopeless during this period. between sixty a little. this week on g.w. . i'm max merrill and this is your i'm actual daily dose of european culture i'm lifestyle is what's coming up. treasure trove of british food prices set out to save the italian cost of making the. intriguing illusions and the exhibition in munich focuses on this really.


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